MUFFLED Gas turbo Kiln MORETTI mod. FDTM4

MUFFLED Gas turbo Kiln MORETTI mod. FDTM4

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Isola Vicentina, Italy


Art. 4357 N ° 01 MUFFLED Gas turbo Kiln MORETTI mod. FDTM4 - Second hand machine - Marked on the door 4M - Max firing temperature: 1100 ° C - N ° 01 Thermocouple type ”S“ with double wire (1 for process control and 1 as safety) - Useful loading capacity: 4 cbm - Internal insulation: ceramic fiber and thin refractory slabs + muffle done with thin refractory slabs - Chimney at the bottom, at the car first floor level (said chimney reverse flame) - Complete with extra cooling valves in the roof - N ° of cars: 03 (01 inside + 02 in stand-by) (02 cars equipped with first slabs floor and 01 without) - Useful loading dimensions: 1000 x 3700 x h 1100 mm - N ° of burners: 10, inside muffle - Actual burners feeding: Natural gas (CH4) - Combustion fan - Complete with electric switchboard with computer MORETTI mod. TERMOR 2000 - Automatic chimney opening controlled by the microprocessor (probably, to be verified, with real time control of the pressure inside the firing chamber) - Kiln overall dimensions for transport: 2400 x 5300 x h 2900 mm (the height could be reduced to 2600 mm taking off the chimney hood) - Cars overall dimensions for transport: 4000 x 1100 x h 550 mm (they could be transported one on the other with a total height of 1150 mm) - Complete with manual and CE certification by the manufacturer


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