The de sticking oil (improperly called “oil” because it is actually a chemical product made with vegetable oleins), is a release agent used for de stick the plastic clay from the metal moulds after shaping ceramic objects with rotating presses or pressing it with hydraulic presses. Being a vegetable-based product it is odorless, colorless (it has a slightly straw-colored color) and has a high release power.

Notwithstanding the touch it is really a little fat liquid, it allows to have a very high efficiency in shaping / pressing.

From tests done practically, it let you make two / three times the production you can make using other release agents on the market. Which means that with a liter of our product you can make two or three times the number of pieces you can make using another agent.

The release agent supplied by us does not leave greasy residues or spots on the surface of the objects, thus allowing to avoid that during the glazing the clay refuse it making leopard stains.

Moreover products made on a petrochemical basis can cause skin irritation to the touch, as well as problems with the respiratory system due to prolonged inhalation of the vapors released by them. These effects are extremely limited with the use of our product, but obviously this does not exempt operators from using suitable, adequate and recommended PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

This de sticking oil is very suitable for the use of various clay bodies such as terracotta, earthenware, gres, refractory and is widely used to produce flower pots , artistic pottery in general, terracotta tiles, shaped or pressed artistic ceramics, as well as in the refractory and technical ceramics industry for dry pressing

25 Lt Canister

The 25 Lt. canister is a practical way to use and to try the product if you don’t know it yet

110 Lt Drum

The 110 Lt. drum is suggested to medium size and artisanal companies who starts to need a more elevate quantity of it, saving something on the base price

1.000 Lt Tank

The 1.000 Lt. tank is suggested to large size companies for an industrial use , with a good save on the base price